Blue Tea – As Wacky And Wonderful As It Sounds!


I am a massive green tea lover, I have at least one cup a day, and I also love wacky things! So for Christmas I was given by someone who clearly knows me very well, a box of Blue Chai Tea from Germany (easily available on the big wide web), and yes it is just as weird and as wonderful as it sounds! You leave a handful of these beautiful purple flowers in a teapot of boiled water, and in five minutes it’s blue, it tastes surprisingly similar to normal green tea but with a slightly fruitier taste. So to balance out the sweetness I added some lemon juice, and the drink instantly turned pink! It was amazing, I would definitely recommend, if not for the taste, but for the sheer fun of having multicoloured tea! x

Why Avocados?

For my first post I thought it would be appropriate to explain why I have avocados in my blog title; for about three years they have been my absolute favourite food. Now believe me when I say this is very unusual, I’m the kind of girl who will gorge herself on cake and bacon and cheese (not all at once), so to find something I loved that was green near gave my mother a heart attack! The thing with avocados is that not only do they taste good on their own, but they go with basically every savoury food, and you can eat them at any time of the day! I usually have it in the morning in a bagel covered in sesame seeds or when I have to make my own lunch I have avocado with something (usually bacon and cheese, because come on who wouldn’t?), my go-to meal every time. In fact I will probably post a few avocado recipes at some point. And the phrase “avocados are trending” I took from a cute little tshirt that I found in Manhattan that despite how perfect it was for me I stupidly didn’t buy and have regretted it ever since. So this post goes to you, long lost tshirt, and to all you avocado lovers out there!