Goa Is My India, My Home

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One of the things that I am most proud of is my heritage; my grandfather was Goan (from a part of India on the coast), he moved to England to become a doctor but never forgot his family back at home. And in 2013 I was lucky enough to go and visit there with my family, not only was it incredible to meet my Goan relatives for the first time, but India was unlike any place I had ever been before. You are flooded with heat, spices, and colours the moment you land. I loved the crowded markets with thousands of people selling everything to carefully handwoven clothing, to the brightest hottest spices (that my dad still cooks with today). The food was unreal, packed with flavours, the tuktuks were so much fun and the old buildings were beautiful. I loved how you could completely immerse yourself and not be a tourist, but get a flavour of the treasures that India have to offer, eat the food, drink the drink (I personally became addicted to Limca, I sort of lime lemonade, which was perfect for the Indian heat). I hope to go again one day, and I hope these photos and my complete adoration for this place will convince some of you to go to.